Pearson Family Funeral Service & Cremation Center has been serving Corning and Creston area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

We Treat Your Family Like Our Own

Our firm has its origins in the early 1900s. At that time, it was common for the owner of a furniture store to also operate a funeral service, which is how our firm began. While the name of the firm has changed several times over the past century, Pearson Family Funeral Service & Cremation Center has always provided the same level of compassionate care to our neighbors in Creston, Corning, and surrounding communities.

We offer more personalization options than many area funeral homes, because we believe that regardless of whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, your loved one’s funeral should tell a unique story. In their most difficult moments, we help families create meaningful funeral services, celebrations of life, visitations, and receptions that offer healing and pay tribute to the life that was lived.

Today, the professional staff at Pearson Family Funeral Service & Cremation Center works to continue the legacy of excellent, family-focused service that began so long ago.