Velma Jane Levi
October 24, 1920 - May 9, 2019
Paul Rogers
Sharon (Madden)Lewis
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Prairie Rose Cemetery
Corning, Iowa 50841
Saturday 6/22, 11:00 am
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Prairie Rose Cemetery
Corning, Iowa 50841

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Velma Jane Huntington Levi was one of identical twin girls born on October 24, 1920, to Ada (LaPorte) Huntington and Franklin Huntington. The twins were born on a farm near Brooks, Iowa. Velma attended a country school, Jasper No. 2, in Adams County. When the twins were in eighth grade, their school teacher had them…

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Ada Calendine left a message on June 11, 2019:
Memories of My Precious Aunt Vel: She was my favorite aunt & like a second mom to me, and her children are—well, like having another set of siblings. When my parents were out of town and couldn’t take me along, there was no one I’d rather stay with than my Aunt Vel and her family. My mom and my aunt were like two peas in a pod. I remember when they both would be working the weekly crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper and they couldn’t get one of the answers—yes, it would almost always be the same answer that neither could come up with and they would be trying to call one another to see if the other one had the answer. They would talk awhile, hang up and within five or ten minutes they would try to call one another again (at the same time) and of course get a busy signal. Once one finally reached the other they would rub it in that they got the answer. I remember one time mom saying, o.k., tell me what it is and Velma said, no, you can figure it out. Then the next time it was the other way around. Even when Aunt Vel was struggling with memory issues, I remember going to her apartment at Vintage Park to make sure her medicine got put on her nose for her rosacea and there she was at 10:30 p.m., television blaring, sitting up in her chair with her lapboard on her lap working a crossword puzzle. I went over and glanced down at the puzzle--she had completed it and every answer was correct. It amazed me—I guess once a crossword puzzle whiz, always a crossword puzzle whiz. I remember being in the kitchen of either one of their homes and they would suddenly say the same thing at the same time or start singing the same song. And then there were the grooming memories: “Run, quick, Velma has the scissors and she and mom were on a mission to cut my bangs, or worse yet, my whole head of hair or worst yet give my sister, Mitzi, a perm—and that was before Vel went to beauty school. Then there was the time I was asleep on the couch the day before I was to walk down the aisle to be married. Suddenly, I awaken to excruciating pain and Aunt Velma with a pair of tweezers plucking away at my eyebrows and declaring, I’ll be danged (and I’m cleaning that up a bit) if I’m going to let you walk down the aisle with those bushy Lucas eyebrows—and of course, I didn’t. I had red, swollen puffy eyebrows the remainder of the day and remember sneezing a lot and complaining to her about it, only to get a response, oh grow up and suck it up. Only you, my precious Aunt Vel, only you. She cared that much! When I came home from Okinawa, I went down to see her and after grabbing me and giving me a tight hug, kiss and hearty hello, she said, matter-of-factly, “come in here and sit down in my shop”. I asked why, and she said, “your hair is awful, it needs cut and styled”. Said good-bye to my long hair that day and it’s never been back. Aunt Vel’s home always smelled so yummy. She was always cooking or baking something delicious. She canned the best green beans I’ve ever eaten (put a piece of bacon in the jar as I recall)—and I don’t even like green beans. At breakfast, she always cooked my bacon crispy for me, even though Uncle Junior didn’t like it that way. And, when she made dressing at Thanksgiving, she didn’t like raisins and I didn’t either at the time, so she would always take me aside to tell me that she put aside some dressing for the two of us with no raisins. Thoughtful? You bet she was. She was always there for me, even taking me to and from Omaha when I was in business school and she was in beauty school, so I could come home on weekends. I remember once we had a flat tire between Red Oak and Glenwood on the way back to Omaha and she asked me to go up to a farmhouse and ring the door bell to see if someone could help us. I could see a man inside walking around the kitchen drinking coffee, but he wouldn’t come to the door. Made Aunt Vel fume and I do believe there may have been steam coming out of her ears. Madder than a wet hen, she flung the trunk open and hurled that spare tire onto the shoulder and took out the jack calling the guy in the house certain names I won’t mention here. I’ve never seen a woman with that much adrenalin and determination flowing all at once, but by golly by the grace of God, she got that tire changed, while I kept watch for vehicles on Highway 34 like she told me to do (think she knew I was useless when it came to changing tires, but let me tell you, I will always be impressed that she could). About that time, a semi truck driver stopped and asked if he could be of help. Aunt Velma politely replied that she thought she had the job done and he offered to check the tire to make sure it was on right and the nuts were tightened securely as they should be. She looked at the man and said “thank you for being a decent man and stopping to see if we needed help, unlike that coffee-drinking, lazy, selfish, thoughtless no good bum in that house over there (and, again, I’m cleaning that up just a little bit). After exchanging courtesies, we were on the road again and as we drove away we saw that no good…well, you know…man peering out the window watching. Again, I think I saw steam coming out of her ears. I will never forget how she was there for my husband and me when our son, Christopher, was diagnosed. She knew we needed emotional support and after mom had to go home, Vel offered to come and stay with us for a week and was such a Godsend. She even gave Christopher his first haircut with the same determination she used when she was on a mission to cut my hair as a kid. She started cutting it while he was in his highchair, but he fell asleep…so, she laid him out on the kitchen table and cut the front and sides of his hair and then rolled him onto his tummy and cut the back. Determination? Oh yes, that dear woman had it!!!! When my dad’s sister passed away, my dad had already passed and my mom was in Yuima, AZ for the winter. I called my Aunt Velma and when she heard my voice and before I could even ask her, she said I’ll bet you are coming home for your aunt’s funeral and you need a place to stay and I said, yes I do. She said, well your Aunt Louise wants you to stay with her, but I told her no, I want you to stay with me. When I got there the next night, they both had prepared a lovely meal and they were dressed so nice because they insisted on going to Bedford to my aunt’s visitation with me so I wouldn’t have to drive alone in the dark. So very thoughtful, I will always cherish the last time I saw my Aunt Velma on Palm Sunday of this year because when I bent down to kiss her, she looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile and said “well hi, honey, so good to see you”. I told her who I was and she said, I know who you are, you’re my niece. She never ceased to amaze me. Yes, Aunt Velma, you were a dear aunt, so very precious, always there when I needed you and with such unconditional love. I am so blessed to have had you in my life for 65 years. I love you, I miss you and this is only good-bye for a little while. I’ll see you again one day in Heaven. Your adoring niece, Ada Pearl
Marie T. Rogers left a message on May 19, 2019:
Grandma, You remain forever in our hearts and minds. May your soul rest in peace.
Paul Rogers left a message on May 18, 2019:
Missing you so deeply Grandma. You were so special to all of us. You were the backbone of our family. You’re not really gone, you live in so many special memories that all of your grandchildren and children will take comfort in reliving, when we feel the ache of your loss. Rest In Peace & enjoy everlasting life. Love, Paul
Sharon (Madden)Lewis left a message on May 11, 2019:
Sorry to hear of your mother passing. She is at rest and peace with sisters Selma and Louise. And Uncle Ivan son Frank . I know they all greeted her dancing. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you —Janet,Pat and Mary Louise.
Mahaley Groves left a message on May 10, 2019:
You will be forever missed Velma. The angels will take care of you. Fly High.
Planning ahead is prudent. Call us now.
Rachel Luft left a message on May 10, 2019:
I always enjoyed taking care of Velma when I worked at the care center. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.
Pearson Family Funeral Service & Cremation Center left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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