Quality Cremation You Can Trust

When it comes to cremation, you need to be able to trust your provider. Since Pearson Family Funeral Service & Cremation Center has our own on-site, stand-alone cremation center, you can rest assured that your loved one will never leave our care. For additional peace of mind, you can also choose to witness the cremation.

Our crematory facility is also state of the art and finer than any other in Southwest Iowa. We invite you to contact us any time to arrange for a tour, so you can see our comfortable identification room and spacious viewing space for yourself.

Countless Ways to Remember

At some funeral homes, cremation may mean your options for personalization are more limited. At Pearson Family Funeral Service & Cremation Center, this is never the case. Our professionals will explain the various options and show you how cremation can be personalized to fit your needs. Arrange a visitation, memorial service, or catered gathering, it’s all up to you. Regardless of your budget, we are committed to helping you create a memorable farewell that perfectly captures the personality of your loved one.

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