Funeral Webcast

Funeral Webcast

Let Everyone Attend the Service, No Matter Where They Are

With technology an increasing part of our daily lives, more and more families we serve at Pearson Family Funeral Service and Cremation Center are choosing to live webcast the funeral services of their loved ones. Among the many benefits are:

  • Remote guests can pay their respects and experience closure, alleviating any feelings of guilt and regret.
  • Pressure is relieved on organizers trying to accommodate multiple schedules.
  • A wider network of family and friends can be accommodated where cost or space were previously an issue.

Memories Preserved for a Lifetime

As well as a way to watch the service live, webcasting the funeral or memorial service also provides a number of ways for family and friends to revisit the day. Whether accessing the recording online, or watching a downloaded recording of the event many years later, preserving the memories in this way has a number of positive effects:

  • Those who can’t attend live can watch the service in their own time.
  • Close family and friends report that watching the service again – away from the emotion of the day – proves an invaluable way to deal with their grief.
  • The service preserved as a record for future generations, who may not have been old enough to attend at the time.

Pearson Family Funeral Service and Cremation Center partners with OneRoom to provide webcasting of the service at your request. Contact us with any questions you might have about recording a service with us.